Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Heart of Abortion

If we want abortion to end we must strike at the heart of abortion—rebellion of women against God.  

Most pro-lifers focus their compassionate lens on rescuing women—wooing them, giving them "reason" to "choose" life for their baby, providing a loving place where they can feel safe—viewing the abortion bound female as a victim.  They do everything in their power to keep the conversation positive and non-judgmental. But in reality they fail to tell them the truth—sadly this approach will most likely always deny them the gospel as well! This type of thinking will lead the pro-lifer to completely lose sight of the true victim in every abortion—the precious little baby being ripped to pieces!  

While there are women (mostly teens or those enslaved in prostitution) who are pressured to abort through a situation out of their control, most women boldly walk through the doors of Planned Parenthood and other abortuaries with full knowledge of what they are doing.  They want an "Abortion on Demand and Without Apology!" because they love their sin more then they love their child! It may at times be fed by fear or regret, but it is sin all the same!  And the only answer for sin is repentance from it!

As Christians we must focus on the violation of God's Law: “Do no murder” (Exodus 20:13; Deuteronomy 5:17).   But we cannot hold the light of the law and gospel truth up to our society in the context of abortion only to neglect God's Word when it comes to the biblical mandated role of a mother (Titus 2:5).  For it is here, at this very point, we find the foundation cracked.  To turn even slightly from God's established order will cause breakdown—if not immediately, it will come eventually.  

America no longer holds to any moral standard in marriage, in the home, in school, and now (I type with horror) even in some churches.  Abortion on demand.  This "success" for women was not gained overnight.  It was a gradual process of elimination:  eliminating God's authority!

God treasures babies; He calls them “His reward”. No pregnancy is an accident, whether it was planned or not! God opens and closes the womb, and He declares that “children are an heritage of the Lord” (Psalm 127:3)! 

Abortion is the greatest violator, not only of the womb, but to the entire body, mind, and spirit of a woman! It brings destruction to mother and child. In utter rebellion, abortion demands control of one’s own life and offers innocent blood to the god of self to retrieve it!

This is best articulated from the mouth of the nation's most notorious late-term abortionist Curtis Boyd: "What drove me [to become an abortion doctor] was the knowledge that an unplanned pregnancy could ruin a woman's life. I realized that when it came to pregnancy, women were at a significant disadvantage." (1)

This statement wraps up the “true heart” of women who abort their children, and sadly, one that many Christians have embraced as well! 

Mothers have been given a very high calling indeed; they are entrusted with the lives of future generations. God gives great worth to a mother’s role. Why would a woman ever seek for ways to free herself from such a tremendous part to play? Because she has swallowed a lie!  The lie that she knows best!  It is only through the subtle deceit of our enemy that such a lie is believed in the church. 

Believing that we “know better” than the Almighty is a sin. Sin is rebelling against God’s law and that will always produce failure. Failure just happens to be the synonym of abort. 

A mother who chooses to put the value of her life over the value of her child’s life will easily walk into an abortion mill and choose to “terminate her pregnancy.” It is also true for women who choose to carry to term but allow self to produce a neglect of born children—choosing the pleasure of money and/or position and/or career over their God-given duty of nurturing their children in the home. Oh, but the craftiness of Satan to deceive the church in the area of reproduction—choosing not to get pregnant at all. 

Demanding that we know the “right time” or “right number” or “right financial status” more than our Creator is taking too much into our hands. It is robbing God of His right. It is arrogant. Not only are we slapping the Eternal Giver in the face, but if we use such means as chemical birth control we are not just preventing conception—we are at times preventing implantation. We are aborting our children.  Christians who claim to love the unborn and desire to live a life pleasing the Lord, are aborting their children!

Let us pray that mothers everywhere will embrace their God-created role and not demand the right to dodge their responsibility. Let us pray that mothers will receive their high calling with joy and thanksgiving—rejoicing in the Lord “alway” (Philippians 4:4). Alway! If we would but conform our will to God’s revealed word we would do great damage to the abortion industry! Let it start in the household of Faith—and then let us “go to a world that is dying” spiritually, mentally, physically, morally, nationally “His perfect salvation to bring!”


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